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Methanol – New Uses for an Old Molecule

– Methanol has been used for many decades in a wide variety of industries. New technologies...

Energy from Biomass: Prospects and Challenges

– Fossil fuels are derived from plant and animal remains, trapped far beneath the surface of...

Fuel Additives: An Innovation Or Burden?

– Fuel additives are considered to be a modern day innovation of liquid engineering. According to...

Synthetic Biology: The Next Big Disruptor?

– The Future of Food, Fuel, Pharma, and Chemicals By: Patricia Rubert-Nason, PhD PreScouter Technical Project...

Algae as Fuel Alternative

– As non-renewable energy sources are gradually being depleted, we must find potential renewable means to...

New Device Analyzes Chemical Compounds

– UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE, DE, USA. A new chemical-analyzing device was created by a team of...

Petrol-Like Biofuel Produced From Bacteria

– UNIVERSITY OF EXETER, EXETER, UNITED KINGDOM. Using genes from the camphor tree, soil bacteria and...

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