Tag: Genetically Modified Organisms


The 20 Year Long March of Transgenic Salmon: From Petri Dish to Baking Dish

– The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has finally approved the sale and human consumption...

Genetically-Modified Pets: Markets, Concerns and Possible Solutions

– Sus domesticus, often called swine or hog, or more commonly and simply, just “pig”, have...

Scientists Develop Biofortified Rice with High Folate Stability

– Folate or folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, is an essential nutrient involved in...

Could Synthetic Genomics Save Bananas?

– What is loved about bananas is that you can just peel it and it’s ready...

Transgenic Chickens Could Prevent Spread of Bird Flu and Curb Pandemic Risk

– This year, avian influenza (AI) has spread like wildfire across thousands of poultry farms, infecting...

Brace for the Heat: Research Opportunities for Stress-Resistant Crops

– The sight of a maize field stretched endlessly across the horizon in the opening scene...

GMOs Facts vs. Myths

– by: Justin Starr, PreScouter Staff Scientist Problem: Public Concern About Genetically Modified Organisms Genetically Modified...

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