Tag: Graphene


Graphene manufacturing: Expert insights you might have missed from 2022

– Isabella Borghetti is an industrial manager working in the automotive and nanotechnology industry. She has...

Alternative sources for graphene production

– Ever since its isolation in 2004, graphene and graphene-like materials (e.g., graphene oxide, graphene nanoplatelets)...

Mass-producing graphene sheets: A “roll-to-roll” manufacturing process

– A new breakthrough at MIT enables researchers to continuously mass-produce high-quality graphene sheets for membrane...

Graphene: How This Miracle Material is Transforming Every Industry

– In the 1940s, plastic was portrayed as a “miracle material” by the American chemical industry....

The Phenomenal & World’s First Graphene Earphones

– UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY, CA, USA. Researchers created the world’s first pair of graphene-based earphones....

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