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Three Myths About Innovation Exposed

– Traditionally, innovation was something managers, CEOs, and the general population considered as “coming up with...

The Power of Paradox in Innovation

– To say and to do, which one are you in your organization? And even if...

Why Companies are Moving from Closed to Open Innovation

– Until fifteen years ago, closed innovation was the gold standard for protecting proprietary information and...

What is Open Innovation?

– Remember when you were in school and you had study sessions with a group in...

How to Get the First Follower for Your Idea

– The first phase, or “zero phase” of the innovation process is to convince the first...

Is Every Innovation a Win?

– In an article published by Scott Berkun in 2008, he begged his readers to “Stop...

How to Create an Idea Factory

– By: Mitch Ditkoff One of the reasons why most BIG IDEAS go nowhere is because...

3 Reasons Email Is Not Innovation Management

– Banchile Inversiones has managed the assets of companies and individuals throughout Chile for decades. During...

20 ways to spark innovation in others

– Many forward-thinking organizations, these days, are launching all kinds of initiatives to crank up innovation....

The four currents of a culture of innovation

– I’ve been doing a lot of thinking these days about “culture of innovation” — trying...

4 Innovation Best Practices from 2013 Innovation Award Winners

– This year, IdeaScale (an innovation management platform) launched the Innovation Awards. There were five categories...

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