Tag: Lithium-ion batteries


The Impact of Lithium-Ion Batteries on the Automobile Industry

– We have come a long way since German inventor, Siegfried Samuel Marcus manufactured the first...

Disruptive Battery Technologies That Will Change the Market

– Batteries. There have been a few issues with them. They can’t hold a charge. They...

The Airplane Laptop Ban: Everything You Need to Know

– You’ve probably seen a variety of news headlines and articles on the laptop ban and still...

Highly Efficient Porous Materials Inspired by Leaf Veins and Insect Spiracles

– Nature serves as one of life’s most creative and innovative scientists, and can sometimes provide...

New Lithium Ion Batteries Created By Japanese Research Team

– TOHOKU UNIVERSITY, MIYAGI, JAPAN. A team of researchers in Japan has recently created a new...

Sugar Batteries: Storing 20% More Energy Than Lithium Ion Batteries

– TOKYO UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE, TOKYO, JAPAN. The development of sugar batteries is a good replacement...

Bendable Batteries: Allowing Anyone To Wear Gadgets’ Power Supply

– PUSAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, BUSAN, SOUTH KOREA. Bendable batteries are flexible lithium-ion batteries that can actually...

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