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Neuromarketing: How neuroscience is revealing what a consumer really wants

– Since the days of snake-oil peddlers, and even long before, the art of marketing has...

Will Drone-Vertising Be the Next Big Thing in Advertising?

– In our previous article Are Quadrotor Drones Going to Invade our Skies?, we soared into...

What is Open Innovation?

– Remember when you were in school and you had study sessions with a group in...

How to Get the First Follower for Your Idea

– The first phase, or “zero phase” of the innovation process is to convince the first...

Crafting a More Productive R&D & Marketing Innovation Partnership

– By Connie Williams, CMO & CKO Synecticsworld Ltd. Does your organization’s innovation feel like “In...

New Dimensions of Innovation and Leadership

– The adoption of new priorities is a simple process, provided the leadership can bite the...

Building a successful inbound marketing strategy

– If you are hearing more about “inbound marketing” and feel out-of-the-loop, have no fear, it...

Social Impact on Big Data

– Social Marketers have it wrong. They have only just begun to uncover what “social” really...

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