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How digital twins are helping repurpose sustainability values across different sectors

– In 2019, the global digital twin market was valued at USD $3.8 billion. A great...

How COVID-19 is catalyzing innovation for the chemical industry

– The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented disruption in the functioning of several industries and...

Infographic: How bio-inspired materials are revolutionizing industry

– Nature serves as one of life’s most creative and innovative scientists, and can sometimes provide...

Methanol – New Uses for an Old Molecule

– Methanol has been used for many decades in a wide variety of industries. New technologies...

Thwarting Bomb Heat With A Heat Proof Camouflage Face Paint

– UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI, MISSISSIPPI, USA. A heat proof camouflage face paint is a very...

Waterproof, Antimicrobial And Magnetic Paper

– ITALIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, GENOA, ITALY. The Nanotech paper has nanofiber that makes it waterproof,...

Stronger & More Flexible Buildings Through Super Concrete

– UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, MICHIGAN, USA. Super concrete that can produce stronger buildings. Also, they provide...

Glass that is Anti-Fogging, Self-Cleaning and Free of Glare

– MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, USA: A new multifunctional glass was developed by researchers of Massachusetts...

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