Tag: Medical Technology


Cellular reprogramming: Personalized medicine for each patient and each disease

– Can you imagine a world where doctors have the ability to replace disease-causing cells with...

New EU regulations on medical devices: What changes from May 26, 2020?

– Medical technology, or “medtech”, covers a vast spectrum of healthcare products, ranging from everyday products...

Brain Implant Helps Quadriplegic Man Regain Control of Hand

– FEINSTEIN INSTITUTE IN MANHASSET, NEW YORK. A quadriplegic man has been given the ability to...

Technological Advances in Dementia Care

– Dementia is defined as a decline in an individual’s mental abilities such as memory, thinking...

The Market for Terahertz Products will Reach $570 Million by 2021

– The electromagnetic spectrum covers all the different wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation. This includes wavelengths we...
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