Tag: Nanomaterials


Non-Invasive Biosensing Companies to Look Out for in 2018

– Wearable, non-invasive biosensors combine the innovations in wearable electronics with miniaturized biosensing technology. They are...

Challenges of Using Nanomaterials in Packaging

– Due to Nanomaterials’ range of advanced properties, they are being incorporated by the packaging industry...

The Application of Nanomaterials in Food Packaging

– Nanotechnology has an extensive list of applications when it comes to food packaging. Yet, its...

Highly Efficient Porous Materials Inspired by Leaf Veins and Insect Spiracles

– Nature serves as one of life’s most creative and innovative scientists, and can sometimes provide...

Current and Potential Applications of Carbon Nanotubes

– As nanotechnology continues to emerge as the scientific beacon of the future, carbon nanotubes (CNTs)...

A World Without Washing Machines: How Bio-Inspired Nanomaterials Work With Self-Cleaning Fabrics

– Enjoying some sun while the laundry takes care of itself might be a dream not...

Power of Brain Stimulation: From Light To Nano

– Artificial brain stimulation has been used to both study and treat certain neurological conditions such...

Bacterial Biofilms: Promising Platforms to Design Nanomaterials

– Biofilms are communities of bacteria embedded in a slimy yet extremely tough matrix of extracellular...

Graphene: How This Miracle Material is Transforming Every Industry

– In the 1940s, plastic was portrayed as a “miracle material” by the American chemical industry....

Be the Disruptor, Not the Disrupted

– In the past 25 years, modern society has undergone a number of significant changes due...

Waterproof, Antimicrobial And Magnetic Paper

– ITALIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, GENOA, ITALY. The Nanotech paper has nanofiber that makes it waterproof,...

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