Tag: Parkinson’s Disease


Novel drug delivery methods to overcome the blood-brain barrier

– Neurodegenerative diseases are extraordinarily difficult to treat due to the unique physiology of the brain....

Power of Brain Stimulation: From Light To Nano

– Artificial brain stimulation has been used to both study and treat certain neurological conditions such...

Dysarthria and Speech Technology

– Dysarthria is defined as a difficulty in speaking which can be caused by a number...

Gaze-Tracker For Writing And Drawing Using The Eyes

– PIERRE-AND-MARIE-CURIE UNIVERSITY, PARIS, FRANCE. A new gaze-tracking software has been developed to help people with...

Parkinson’s And Other Diseases Diagnosed Over The Phone

– MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, MASSACHUSETTS, USA. A system using voice algorithms to diagnose Parkinson’s disease...

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