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Chelated silver: An antibiotic with no signs of bacteria resistance

– PreScouter interviewed Dr. Odell Miner, president and founder of LaSal Laboratories, to learn about his...

Pharmaceutical R&D global spending trends in 2019

– The pharmaceutical industry’s activities have significant socio-economic impacts on society in the form of investments...

Technologies curbing counterfeit threats in the healthcare industry

– The market for counterfeit drugs is worth US $200 billion, making it the largest segment...

How can nanotechnologies be applied in pharmaceutical packaging?

– In this article, we address the use of nanotechnologies in pharmaceutical packaging. First, we will...

Artificial Intelligence Meets Drug Development

– Pharmaceutical companies have the opportunity to capitalize on Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI refers to the...

3D Printing in Healthcare

– 3D printing has generated huge interest in recent years. The most well-known uses are  in...

Antibiotics 2.0: Strategies to Defeat The Priority Pathogens

– Antibiotics are an essential pillar of modern medicine. However, after almost 90 years of deployment...

Welcome to the Future: Smart Packaging

– What Is Smart Packaging? Any packaging that incorporates advanced technologies to provide enhanced functionality compared...

Pharmaceutical R&D Global Spending Trends

– Pharmaceutical industries dedicate a large percent of their budget for internal research and development processes. R&D...

How Private and Public Health Sectors Can Work Together

– For many years, the objectives between pharmaceuticals and public health sectors have not been aligned....

Pharmaceutical Cleaning: A Short Review

– Apart from being a core aspect of current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and Good Validation...

Polymorphism: Phase Change in Pharmaceutical Compounds

– The word polymorphism is derived from Greek words “poly” meaning many, and “morph” meaning shape....

Pharmaceutical Excipients: Just how “Inactive” are they?

– A classical pharmaceutical formulation consists of an active pharmaceutical ingredient as well as a number...

Synthetic Biology: The Next Big Disruptor?

– The Future of Food, Fuel, Pharma, and Chemicals By: Patricia Rubert-Nason, PhD PreScouter Technical Project...

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