Tag: Sustainable Innovation


Reducing PPE waste with sustainable textiles and novel decontamination systems

– Personal protective equipment, commonly known as PPE, is equipment that is designed to protect the...

A new life for food waste

– Every year, about 1.3 billion tonnes of food goes off to waste. However, the good...

Profitable sustainability: 10 companies making food waste edible again

– Food waste occurs all along the supply chain, from farm to fork. With an estimated...

Will these solar sidewalk panels open new frontiers in solar energy?

– As the cost of solar panels continues to decline, people and companies who want to...

Ooho: The Eco-Friendly Substitute to Plastic Bottles

– It is an established fact that plastic bottles made of synthetic polymers harm the environment....

Air Pollution Becomes Ink With Kaalink

– Air pollution is a global problem with few solutions beyond government regulations like The Clean...

The Spiral Pump: Pumping Water Without Electricity

– The spiral pump (also known as water wheel pump) is a hydraulic machine that pumps...

What Does Sustainable Innovation Mean?

– Meet SunShot Catalyst: an open innovation program that empowers the public to develop solutions that...

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