Tag: synthetic biology


Biopharming Anti-Malarials from Tobacco Plants?

– Through one mosquito bite, the insect can launch a red blood cell parasite into the...

Bacterial Biofilms: Promising Platforms to Design Nanomaterials

– Biofilms are communities of bacteria embedded in a slimy yet extremely tough matrix of extracellular...

Wright Brothers Institute Collaboration with PreScouter to Innovate Air Force Fuel Technology

– The increasing cost of fossil fuels coupled with escalating environmental concerns have steered research towards...

The New Herbalism: Synthetic Biology Provides Alternative Sources for Herbal Extracts

– Throughout human history, there has been an extensive reliance on herbs (and their extracts) as...

Synthetic Biology: The Next Big Disruptor?

– The Future of Food, Fuel, Pharma, and Chemicals By: Patricia Rubert-Nason, PhD PreScouter Technical Project...

How Biology Will Replace Your Manufacturing Process

– What would it mean if your company’s product could be grown and harvested as the...

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