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4 smart road technologies shaping the future of transportation

– Roadways are constantly in flux, either through repairs and construction or continual improvements. With recent...

Automated logistics: The future of freight

– New technologies are changing the way we transport things. With advances in autonomous control technologies,...

The applications of tomorrow’s aerial vehicles in today’s oil & gas industry

– The recent surge in the innovation of aerial vehicles brings with it a pair of...

What keeps dockless bikes rolling?

– In the past few years, dockless bike sharing has spread like wildfire in China and...

How will 5G impact different industries?

– A little something about the Gs: We are living in a decade where wireless technologies...

How will AI impact the transportation industry?

– Research into artificial intelligence (AI) has experienced a surge in the last few decades. This...

What are the most important technologies that led to autonomous transportation?

– Autonomous (or self-directed) technology is transforming industries ranging from automotive to insurance to healthcare. The...

RFID: A Technological Revolution

– RFID technology has changed the face of many industries– including various areas of transportation, but...

Trump’s Infrastructure Plans: What Can Be Learned from Global Examples?

– This week, President Trump began to announce his vision for the future of U.S. infrastructure. It...

From Paper Airplane to Metal Airplane: Boeing Thinks it Has Found the Perfect Middle Ground

– In the last several weeks, the race for commercial airliner market dominance has become a...

Are Maglev Trains the Future of Transportation?

– Airports are a traveler’s greatest enemy; between long lines and grueling security checks, many wish...

Responsibility in the Age of Driverless Automation

– Self-driving cars are coming, and they will almost undoubtedly be the predominant mode of transportation...

Is America on Track for High-Speed Rail?

– The transportation industry sees continual technological advancements. Soon we will be living in a world...

Taxibots: The Possible Future of Personal Transportation

– It is 7:30am. You just had your breakfast and are now leaving your building with...

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