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Can’t touch this: What technologies are taking touchless retail to the next level?

– It’s no secret that the pandemic has had a crippling effect on a large part...

Smart mirrors: More than just reflections

– Two startups have developed a range of “smart mirrors” — panel displays that provide high-definition...

Technologies scoring at the FIFA World Cup 2018

– As millions of viewers around the world have their eyes glued to their screens, enjoying...

Virtual wearables: The future of human-computer interaction

– Leap Motion, a startup based in San Francisco, has been working on hand-tracking software to...

Are virtual restaurants the future of dining?

– Millennials and Gen Z-ers are tech-savvy generations shifting the paradigm of businesses towards a virtual...

The coolest tech innovations used during the 2018 Winter Olympics

– The Olympics, whether they take place in the winter or the summer, are about more...

What Technologies Are Redefining Shopping this Holiday Season?

– The majority of us will incorporate our computers and mobile devices in the way we...

Could virtual reality become a non-addictive painkiller?

– The applications of virtual reality (VR) range from enhanced gaming experience to improved retail and...

How Augmented Reality Is Reshaping Retail

– Augmented reality (AR) is the latest technological innovation for the retail industry. AR made its...

IoT and Its Impact on the Semiconductor Industry

– In recent years, smartphone sales have been a growth opportunity for the semiconductor industry. However,...

Acquiring Dolphin Superpowers via IrukaTact Sonar Gloves

– UNIVERSITY OF TSUKUBA, JAPAN. A sonar glove called IrukaTact was developed to provide its wearers...

Virtual Reality Kitchen That Helps Novice Cooks

– KYOTO SANGYO UNIVERSITY, KYOTO, JAPAN. A new intelligent kitchen set-up has been recently developed to...

Losing Weight Through Diet Glasses

– UNIVERSITY OF TOKYO, TOKYO, JAPAN. Goggles that incorporate computer technology and augmented reality that can...

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