Personalized Medicine: Moving from Average to Personal

Personalized Medicine: Moving from Average to Personal

We present here a handful of examples from some recent advances that showcase how personalized medicine is transforming healthcare by improving precision in diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of a variety of conditions that contribute to a significant fraction of disease burden worldwide.

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Personalized Medicine: Moving from Average to Personal

It’s official. We are in the midst of a revolution in personalized medicine — also called precision medicine. Regardless of the semantics, the unprecedented growth of precise/personalized medicine and the transformative healthcare advances fueled by this revolution are now undeniable. Forecasts of the total size of the precision medicine market in 2025 range from $100 billion USD to over $2 trillion, due to varying definitions of the market, with most research firms estimating a CAGR of 10–11% over that time period.

Included in this white paper:

  • An overview of the past, present and future of personalized medicine
  • A deep dive into the regulatory and ethical challenges as well as the current hurdles and checkpoints
  • The applications and advances of personalized medicine in various fields such as cancer, diabetes, and HIV among many others
  • An analysis of where the industry is headed and who are the key players shaping the era of personalized medicine

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