Five Midwestern Companies in Healthcare Using IoT

Five Midwestern Companies in Healthcare Using IoT

By Shehwar Ali

Many investors have taken a high interest in the Midwest ventures as they offer high-quality technology solutions at relatively lesser costs than Boston or Silicon Valley.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is proving to be a game changer in the technology industry. It is a relatively new technology that allows you to connect one smart object to another and communicate directly through a  network. The American Midwestern companies are leading the IoT market with their innovative and unique products. The region has a unique advantage in acquiring the leadership status in the IoT market.

Below is an assessment of five Midwestern companies that are making waves in the healthcare industry as far as IoT is concerned.

General Electric Digital

General Electric has virtually revolutionized the healthcare industry with its various products. The company successfully manufactures machines for MRIs, CT scans, X-rays, ECGs, and incubators. But other than that, the company has ventured into the arena of software development.

The company is now incorporating a software developed by its own engineers into its machines. This particular software is known as ‘Predix.’ It is being used to collect, analyze, transmit and exchange real-time data from one gadget to another to boost the performance of its industrial operations.

The company has also developed its very own cloud system where you can upload all your medical information. This system is known as the ‘GE Health Cloud’ and allows you to access your data such as radiology reports and CT scans via your mobile phone.


In a span of just one year, Rithmio has already achieved a lot of success in the IoT market. The company made $650,000 in seed raising and geared up to sell its gesture recognition software to some manufacturers in the electronics market.

The basic aim of Rithmio is to develop software that can be integrated into wearable technology. The company is currently focusing on developing software that can measure how many steps you take on your daily jog or how many hoops you can throw during a basketball practice.

Tilton, the founder of Rithmio, is optimistic about the future of the company and has stated that they are currently at an intersection of IoT and wearable technologies which are a huge game changer in the tech market.

The company’s latest venture is called EDGE. This is essentially an application for Android devices that helps weightlifters and athletes track and measure their workout progress.


Using the IoT technology, phisIQ developed personalized physiology analytics technology (PPA) that has the capability to convert complex physiological data into simple, understandable terms. The software collects and analyzes changes in vital statistics such as heart rate, oximetry, respiration rate and blood pressure.

The company produces sensors that detect these physical changes so you can easily visit a doctor before anything serious occurs.


Healthsense is another Midwestern company that is offering solutions for better living for senior citizens by monitoring their daily activities and vitals using wearable technology. These sensors are designed to record a broad range of data such as bed occupancy, socialization, bathroom usage, activity levels and healthy eating habits.

Any slight changes that may occur are recorded and reported in real-time to the responsible authorities to ensure the safety of their patients. Healthsense makes use of its propriety data engine to evaluate these ups and downs.

American RFID Solutions

American RFID Solutions is one of the pioneer healthcare companies that made use of the IoT technology. The company has incorporated low-cost sensors that use IoT to connect various devices so that data can be transmitted from one device to another.

The company uses its self-developed software known as TrackStar to prevent medical errors that might occur during surgical procedures as a result of mismatched data. The company also uses it’s highly detail oriented RFID technology to track the well-being of patients.

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