Author: PreScouter Editorial Team


New technologies to avoid pipeline failures

– Any method that can proactively act to moderate factors such as pressure and changes in...

The clean label market: An expert take on misconceptions, challenges and trends

– Stefan has been a food science researcher and product developer for over 20 years. He...

Clean label flavors: Interview with an expert in flavor technologies

– Laura is a food and chemical engineer focusing on flavor creation, product development, and flavor...

Graphene manufacturing: Expert insights you might have missed from 2022

– Isabella Borghetti is an industrial manager working in the automotive and nanotechnology industry. She has...

Thermoset recycling: Expert insights into processes and challenges

– Sudhin Datta is a retired Senior Research Associate at ExxonMobil Chemical, in the polymers business....

Ecommerce packaging: Insights from industry expert Bob Makofsky

– Bob Makofsky is an expert in packaging with almost two decades of experience, including an...

Leveraging quantum computing in the chemical industry: Expert Interview

– Yudong Cao has a background in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. He obtained his PhD...

4 smart road technologies shaping the future of transportation

– Roadways are constantly in flux, either through repairs and construction or continual improvements. With recent...

What are the applications of AI in anomaly detection?

– Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies have been applied in a wide range of industries...

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