Author: Rajeswari Jayaraman


Are virtual restaurants the future of dining?

– Millennials and Gen Z-ers are tech-savvy generations shifting the paradigm of businesses towards a virtual...

Can DNA Solve the Data Storage Problem?

– Mankind is producing more data than ever. Globally, digitally stored data is projected to reach...

Beyond IoT: Internet of Underwater Things to Network the Oceans

– The grand goal of the Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT) is to create a worldwide...

Can EUV Lithography Save Moore’s Law from Demise?

– The ever-rising desire to maintain Moore’s law of exponential growth is driving the semiconductor industry...

Augmented Reality – Not a Fiction but a Revolution of the Real Life

– Imagine a world where you can try your outfits in a fitting room, or apply...

Innovation is Expensive and Other Myths

– Innovation is equated to the development of new products, technologies, services and business models that...

Healthcare in a Patch: How can Wearable Biosensors Improve Life?

– You can boost your sports performance if you monitor your heart rate and your body chemistry....

Samsung Phones Explode: A Look at Battery Technology

– In the aftermath of over 100 reported incidents of Galaxy Note 7 explosions worldwide, Samsung...

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