Landscaping new technologies to make hand tools safer

Landscaping new technologies to make hand tools safer

About the Client:

The Client was a major tool manufacturing company that wanted to ensure that their products adhered to a variety of rules, regulations, and company policies that provide workers with a safe working environment, in order to win the business of users of their tools.


The Client engaged PreScouter in this Research Support Service License to help them learn about the latest and most effective technologies and strategies that could be implemented, with minor changes to their products and processes, to improve the safety of their hand tools, such as lightweight materials to reduce worker fatigue and higher quality materials that would lead to better-performing tools. The Client was also looking for out-of-the-box ideas that could be implemented in the future.


By leveraging its network of Advance Degree Researchers, PreScouter built a multi-disciplinary team of 5 analysts that focused on one safety-related topic at a time. In addition, PreScouter engaged with different Subject Matter Experts whose expertise corresponded to the specific topics covered.


PreScouter identified 3 potential designs for hammers using lightweight materials and their suppliers, along with 2 novel designs that were of interest to the Client. A list of steel and titanium casting suppliers in Asia was also provided. PreScouter also provided novel ideas on tethering devices and anti-slip materials that the Client wanted to develop further. Partnering opportunities were also pointed out by the team.

Impact of PreScouter’s Work:

PreScouter provided the Client with ideas that they used to create prototypes and that helped them establish communications with new vendors, highlighted partnering opportunities for the latest technologies, and delivered roadmaps for product development with specific technical details.

A downloadable version of this case study is available here.

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