Category: Strategies


3 Reasons Why Your One-Man Army Fails (And What to Do About It)

– We’ve all heard the problem “How long does it take X people to paint a...

Lessons From The Internet’s Rise

– The Internet continues to generate new innovations and applications at a blazing speed. This in...

The Dos and Don’ts of Open Innovation

– What is open innovation? It can be answered many ways, but there’s no right answer:...

Steve Jobs: Forget the product. Start With the Go-To-Market Strategy

– Most people, when they think about innovation, start with the product. Instead, the innovator should...

Building the World’s Largest Expert Witness Search Firm

– We interviewed Russ W. Rosenzweig, founder of Round Table Group, the world’s largest expert witness...

Innovation Planning Using Google Trends

– Google Trends is a fast and free tool we’ve sometimes used on client projects, to...

Is your existing market your deathtrap?

– Businesses must develop what are often contradictory resources and capabilities to be successful in appealing...

Three Steps to Becoming a Better Technology Scout

– Some tips, from a PreScouter Scholar who has worked with over a dozen clients.

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