Graphene Manufacturing in 2022

Graphene Manufacturing in 2022

The global graphene market is expected to grow from 620M USD in 2020 to 1,479M USD by 2025, at a CAGR of 19%. This Intelligence Brief summarizes the fundamental milestones for 23 graphene producers previously profiled in PreScouter’s report. We also identify and profile five additional players and interview one supplier about production capacity, methods, and product applications.

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Graphene Manufacturing in 2022

Graphene is the thinnest material (1 atomic layer thick) known to humans, which makes its applications endless. It can be used in simple applications like a conductive additive in electronics all the way to the most complex applications like building space armors and bulletproof armors.

In 2015, all graphene suppliers were small, privately held businesses. However, the gap between R&D and commercialization has been narrowed thanks to reliable, cost-effective processes for mass production, such as industrial exfoliation and chemical vapor deposition (CVD), and customer education. According to PreScouter’s research, a few countries (most notably Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom) could produce a total of 800 tons per year by 2020.

Despite COVID-19 striking in 2020, the graphene industry was not negatively affected. It wasn’t harmed by the absence of proper regulations and standards that allowed the presence of fake graphene on the market and the lack of skillful workers in the industry. On the contrary, currently, the total production capacity of graphene is estimated at around 20,000 tons/year. Only 2 out of the 23 companies went out of business, while two others increased their production by over 150% each.

Included in this Intelligence Brief:

  • A market overview of the graphene industry
  • The key drivers and challenges of graphene production
  • The updates and achievements of previously profiled companies
  • The brand and product overview of five newly profiled companies
  • An expert interview with the director of BoomaTech Graphene’s technology, Isabella Borghetti

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