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PreScouter’s Natural Resources industry vertical covers a wide range of industries, spanning advanced energy (renewables, efficiency, storage), fossil fuels, mining & metals, water and nuclear energy. These industries are heavily regulated, and face increasing pressure from public policy decisions, including those related to climate change. Along with strong consumer and business interest in sustainability, rapid growth in wind and solar power technologies, and advances in fracking, are transforming the market long-term. In industries long known for moving slowly, change is coming quickly.

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The new revolution of hydropower digitalization Article
25 November 2020

The new revolution of hydropower digitalization

Hydropower is the world’s most mature and ancient renewable energy source, producing 1300 GW of power worldwide. It is a field in rapid evolution and with several emerging...

Hydropower: The Next Frontier White Paper
07 August 2020

Hydropower: The Next Frontier

Hydropower is shifting from a flexible source of energy covering peak loads in a fossil fuel-dominated energy mix, towards a function of supporting the more flashy solar and...

State of the Electric Vehicle Lithium-Ion Battery Market 2019-2030 Report
08 July 2019

State of the Electric Vehicle Lithium-Ion Battery Market 2019-2030

Report Highlights: Advancements in battery technology and the electrification of the automobile have contributed enormously to the changing technological landscape we see all around us. Today, the race...


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Resource (Water, Energy, Labor) Efficient Processing
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