Tag: biotech


Blood cancer: Can we improve patient survival?

– Today’s best treatment options for blood cancer kill tumor cells with high doses of radiation...

How pharma and medtech collaborations fuel progress

– Collaboration between medical device and pharmaceutical companies is one of the top five trends influencing...

Novel Microneedle Patch Could Reduce Obesity

– Singaporean researchers have developed a novel approach to reduce bulging tummy fats, providing a new...

President Trump and Biotech-Related Industries: Opportunities, not Armageddon.

– Since the new president of the United States has been elected, it is time for...

Five Midwestern Companies in Healthcare Using IoT

– Many investors have taken a high interest in the Midwest ventures as they offer high-quality technology...

Biotechnology Hubs and Future Incubators in Africa

– Innovation and invention in biotechnology has continued to escalate worldwide. As a result, biotech hubs...

Healthcare and Life Sciences: The Future of Biotech in 100 Years?

– Many innovators try to predict the next big thing. Indeed, if we look back on...

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