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Insights into the State of the Chip Market in 2017

– Many people still associate chip manufacturers with pre-built desktop PCs. However, those days are long...

IoT and AI Combine to Dominate Consumer Electronics

– The technological revolution in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are accelerating...

How Will Encryption Keep Internet of Things Data Secure?

– The idea of the Internet of Things, that everyday objects can connect to one another and transfer data, is...

IoT: The Technological Disruptor of the Future

– The IT world has evolved vastly in the past few decades. We’ve come from room-sized...

Will Artificial Intelligence Ever Surpass the Human Brain?

– A number of artificial intelligence (AI) enthusiasts have been predicting that machines will eventually surpass...

Evolution of Electronic Devices: From a Computing Age Towards a Data Age

– Do you remember back in 2000 when scientists promised you that soon a single chip...

Low-Cost, Higher-powered Cameras in Smartphones

– UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS, AR, USA. A team of engineering researchers have invented a material which...

New Biological Computer Capable Of Controlling Genetic Codes

– TECHNION-ISRAEL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, HAIFA, ISRAEL. Scientists were able to develop and construct an advanced...

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