Tag: Innovation Strategy


The future of healthcare: Smart sensors and digital biomarkers

– What are smart sensors and digital biomarkers? Smart sensors are devices that take input from...

Innovation is Expensive and Other Myths

– Innovation is equated to the development of new products, technologies, services and business models that...

How to Develop a Corporate Innovation Strategy

– Having a plan and executing a plan, as most executives know, are two different beasts. As...

Tesla’s 360 Vision: The Future is Here

– Imagine a day when your car drives you to work and then finds and parks...

Innovation in Highly Complex Markets: Lessons from BJ Adaptaciones

– The innovation model of BJ Adaptaciones, a company specialized in designing solutions adapted for people...

What is Open Innovation?

– Remember when you were in school and you had study sessions with a group in...

Overcoming the Barriers to Innovation

– In his 2015 Harvard Business Review article, “You Need an Innovation Strategy”, Harvard professor Gary...

What Could Happen If the CFO Was Placed In Charge Of Innovation?

– This article is Part 3 in a four-part series on the CFO’s Role in Innovation...

The Fear Barrier: Weighing Risk and Reward in Innovation

– Humans do not like change and dislike the disruption it brings. We like to know where...

4 Easy Tips for Engaging the Crowd

– There are many different ways to take crowd information and turn it into actionable data...

The Multiple Dimensions of Design-driven Innovation

– By: Susanna Gonzalez Ruiz The design company Lékué shows us that radical innovation is multidimensional...

Does Innovation Require Diversity?

– by: Orin C. Davis, Ph.D. Since I’m a diversity consultant, people usually expect me to...

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