Tag: Medical


A wireless future for implantable medical device charging

– Electronics have been finding their way into everything, and implantable devices are not an exception....

Designed to dissolve: Bioresorbable medical devices

– It’s a surgeon’s dream. A device that can be implanted into the body that takes...

FDA-approved Device to Treat Obesity

– According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 34.9% of adults and 17% of...

Employing a Nano-Bio-Bandage That Will Instantly Stop Bleeding

– MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, MASSACHUSETTS, USA. Sponges layered with thrombin can immediately stop bleeding. They...

Aiding Artificial Organs Through 3D Blood Vessels

– UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, WASHINGTON, USA. A gel injected with human endothelial cells allows blood vessels...

Using eNose In Identifying Bombs, Diseases And Harmful Chemicals

– CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, CALIFORNIA, USA. The human and canine nose is being mimicked by...

Your Smart Phone just became smarter

– THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT DALLAS, TEXAS, USA. X-ray vision thrived in comic and sci-fi...

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