Tag: Mobile Technology


5G gives utilities and power producers a connectivity upgrade

– 5G (fifth generation) is the latest generation of cellular/wireless network technology that is already here...

How will 5G impact different industries?

– A little something about the Gs: We are living in a decade where wireless technologies...

The Future of the Insurance Industry Amidst the Technological Evolution

– With the advent of technology, a number of technological concepts like big data analytics and...

Apple Pay: A Revolution in Secure Mobile Payment Services

– Apple Pay is a NFC (near field communication) payment system which allows users to make...

Twitter Algorithm Can Predict When You’ll Have Flu

– UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER, NEW YORK, USA. An epidemiological algorithm can scan tweets and can predict...

Chirp Is the Next Twitter

– UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON, LONDON, UK. Chirp is an app that enables users to share contents...

Parkinson’s And Other Diseases Diagnosed Over The Phone

– MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, MASSACHUSETTS, USA. A system using voice algorithms to diagnose Parkinson’s disease...

Using Your Umbrella In Charging Your Mobile Phone

– UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM. The Booster Brolly is Vodafone’s eco-friendly handset-charging umbrella that...

Navatar: An App that Assists The Visually Impaired

– UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, NEVADA, USA. Navatar is a smartphone application that was developed by the...

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