Tag: Obesity


Novel Microneedle Patch Could Reduce Obesity

– Singaporean researchers have developed a novel approach to reduce bulging tummy fats, providing a new...

How to Satiate America’s Sweet Tooth Without Sugar

– Sugar has become a main villain in the processed food industry. Recent revelations of a...

Why Obesity Is Still a Problem and How the Gut Microbiome Factors in

– Have you ever wondered why two people can eat the same amount of food, but...

Weight Loss Technologies Train the Brain to Resist Temptation

– Can a computer game train your brain to resist sweets? That’s the question Drexel University...

Can Lack of Sleep Be Making You Eat More?

– Ever wondered what makes us crave for a doughnut or that bar of chocolate in...

What Overeating Can Do to Your Body

– It has perhaps happened to all of us sometimes in our life: the urge to...

Hot Chili Peppers: A Possible New Cure for Obesity

– UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE, ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA. The intake of hot chili has been shown to...

How Vitamin C can Help Treat Obesity

– Obesity is a news headline on an almost daily basis and yet, the latest article...

Obesity and Behavior Modification

– More than half of the American population is considered to be overweight with more than...

A Breakthrough in the Potential Treatment of Obesity

– It should not come as a surprise that there has been a global increase in...

A Mind Divided by Hunger: How Recent Studies Give Out Clues to Control Personal Behaviours during Dieting and Obesity Treatment

– Suddenly, you find yourself 40 pounds overweight and it is becoming increasingly difficult to get...

Why preservatives are bad for your health

– We are always advised to eat a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, whole...

FDA-approved Device to Treat Obesity

– According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 34.9% of adults and 17% of...

New Type Of Brown Fat Cells Could Treat Obesity Effectively

– SAHLGRENSKA ACADEMY, GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN. Researchers were able to prove through a recent study that humans...

Mobile Apps That May Help In Any Weight Loss Program

– NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY, ILLINOIS, USA. A very recent study showed that using a calorie-tracking app on...

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