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Wright Brothers Institute Collaboration with PreScouter to Innovate Air Force Fuel Technology

– The increasing cost of fossil fuels coupled with escalating environmental concerns have steered research towards...

Pharmaceutical Excipients: Just how “Inactive” are they?

– A classical pharmaceutical formulation consists of an active pharmaceutical ingredient as well as a number...

US Government Announces Proposal to Revise Current Regulations Related to Human-Subjects Research

– On 8th of September, the Federal Register published a notice jointly made by 14 US...

Synthetic Blood Gives Hope for Better and Faster Treatments: First Clinical Trials to Begin in 2017

– Red blood cells (RBCs) represent one of the key components of our blood. They transport...

Anticancer Drugs from Bee Venom

– Bee venom has been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years for the treatment...

New Drug Targets for Ebola Virus Disease Treatment

– A German-American research team has succeeded in adding another crucial detail of how the fatal...

Retest Failure: Irreproducibility in Research Provides Opportunities to Biotech Startup Companies for Contracted Revalidation Services

– Science is robust and, in the field of life sciences research, robustness means reproducibility. It...

The Future of Biotechnology: Building a Real Jurassic World

– Let’s be honest- we all love dinosaurs. There’s something about those ancient creatures, towering and...

Insecticide use is affecting Swedish wild bee populations

– If we gaze upon evolutionary history, it will reveal that bees are an important ancient...

A Revolution in Power Electronics with GaN and SiC

– Did you know that 10% of the electric energy is lost during the conversion from...

Why preservatives are bad for your health

– We are always advised to eat a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, whole...

The Market for Terahertz Products will Reach $570 Million by 2021

– The electromagnetic spectrum covers all the different wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation. This includes wavelengths we...

Rockefeller Neurobiology lab receives funding from BRAIN initiative

– by Jessie Towns The BRAIN Initiative Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) was launched...

Researchers Find Nanoparticle Makes MRI Scanning More Effective

– Researchers at London’s Imperial College discovered a self-assembling nanoparticle that targets tumors and helps earlier...

From Science to Business: How Firms Create Value By Partnering With Universities

– In today’s so-called “knowledge” society, it is increasingly imperative for companies to effectively “mine” knowledge...

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