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How is technology shaping the food supply chain?

– Our growing world population needs a consistent supply of food. To cope with the growing...

3 reasons why Lentein is the latest innovation in the food and beverage industry

– Lentein is a protein-rich green powder produced by Parabel. It is a “whole food concept”...

The Growing Trend of Recycling Packaging Materials

– It is becoming increasingly imperative for companies to incorporate environmentally conscious practices into their business...

No Animals Harmed: Sustainable Alternatives to Animal Leather

– Though the use of animal hides dates to prehistory, now traditional leather manufacturers have to...

P&G Explains How They Will Generate Zero Landfill Waste by 2020

– The United States has established an unfortunate notoriety for producing landfill waste. At only 4%...

The Spiral Pump: Pumping Water Without Electricity

– The spiral pump (also known as water wheel pump) is a hydraulic machine that pumps...

Algae as Fuel Alternative

– As non-renewable energy sources are gradually being depleted, we must find potential renewable means to...

Richard Branson Sends In Team B

– Branson's team of 14 world leaders gets serious about sustainability.

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