Tag: Engineering


How Hybrid Manufacturing Processes Could Revolutionize Industry

– Complexity is at the heart of innovating added value engineered products. Future products will be...

Avoiding Stumbles, from Spacewalks to Sidewalks

– Vibrating footwear could help astronauts and visually impaired earthlings skirt obstacles. Video of astronauts tripping...

New Devices, Wearable System ِAim To Predict, Prevent Asthma Attacks

– Researchers have developed an integrated, wearable system that monitors a user’s environment, heart rate and...

The DIWire: Bending the Future One Wire at a Time

– What is the DIWire? As the world is trying to move away from its dependency...

Innovative Smart Cane For The Blind With Facial Recognition

– BIRMINGHAM CITY UNIVERSITY, BIRMINGHAM, UK. The ‘XploR’ smart/mobility cane utilizes the technology used in smartphones...

New Device Analyzes Chemical Compounds

– UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE, DE, USA. A new chemical-analyzing device was created by a team of...

3D Printed Mud Houses

– Humans have been building houses from mud for more than 9000 years. Now, a new...

FIPEL Light Bulbs To Replace All CFL Bulbs Early Next Year

– WAKE FOREST UNIVERSITY, NORTH CAROLINA, USA. Scientists have recently developed a brand new type of...

Solar Steam: Super-efficient Solar Energy Technology

– RICE UNIVERSITY, TEXAS, USA. Scientists used nanoparticles that convert solar energy directly into steam. This...

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