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Advances in point of care diagnostics in resource-limited settings

– Think about the last time you were sick with a cold or a flu. If...

Apple iPhone X Review: What is right and wrong about the newest iPhone model?

– The X might stand for the tenth anniversary of the phone that changed the world....

Attractive opportunities in the semiconductor industry

– The semiconductor industry lies at the intersection of several high-growth sectors that are now reaching...

IoT and AI Combine to Dominate Consumer Electronics

– The technological revolution in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are accelerating...

Wolverine-Inspired Material for Self-Healing Smartphones

– What do all smartphones have in common, regardless of price or manufacturer? Other than the...

IoT and Its Impact on the Semiconductor Industry

– In recent years, smartphone sales have been a growth opportunity for the semiconductor industry. However,...

Samsung Phones Explode: A Look at Battery Technology

– In the aftermath of over 100 reported incidents of Galaxy Note 7 explosions worldwide, Samsung...

Internet of Things: The Unavoidable Patent War

– Smartphones were the first personal devices to be connected to the internet and provided unlimited...

IoT: The Technological Disruptor of the Future

– The IT world has evolved vastly in the past few decades. We’ve come from room-sized...

The Future of the Insurance Industry Amidst the Technological Evolution

– With the advent of technology, a number of technological concepts like big data analytics and...

IoT Industrial Revolution: Towards the Next Societal Disruption

– [Part 1] “IoT represents the next major economic and societal disruption enabled by the Internet...

Technological Advances in Dementia Care

– Dementia is defined as a decline in an individual’s mental abilities such as memory, thinking...

Obesity and Behavior Modification

– More than half of the American population is considered to be overweight with more than...

Internet of Things – A Challenge of Imagination

– “Everything connected” is arguably the hottest topic in the technology world right now – even...

Low-Cost, Higher-powered Cameras in Smartphones

– UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS, AR, USA. A team of engineering researchers have invented a material which...

Shatterproof Smartphone Screens Enter Market

– UNIVERSITY OF AKRON, OH, USA. A team of polymer scientists has just recently developed a...

Malware Infection Rate For Android Devices Measured By Researchers

– UNIVERSITY OF HELSINKI, HELSINKI, FINLAND. Researchers were able to measure the infection rate of malware...

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