Technological Advances in the Healthcare Sector

Technological Advances in the Healthcare Sector

By Shehwar Ali

The healthcare sector is advancing by leaps and bounds thanks to the latest technological developments. Many applications and gadgets are being designed to make the healthcare experience more feasible and convenient. An analysis of some of the most groundbreaking advancements is given below:

Mobile Stroke Units

Frazer just upgraded their mobile stroke units. These units now come with Neurologica CereTom CT scanner by Samsung which can be used easily to take multislice CT scans, CT angiographies, CT perfusions and topograms. This scanner weighs about 966 pounds and it takes only one technician to operate it. This saves time and effort and the patient can be diagnosed quickly using this technology.

Wearable Sensors

Fitness trackers are now readily available in the market for people to use. These allow you to have a record of your vital statistics and alert you when there is a problem. These trackers have a GPS tracker inside them to record your whereabouts. This helps you to see as to how much exercise your body is getting. Some of these trackers often track your sleeping patterns. This helps you to know if you are getting a good night’s sleep or not. The best trackers available in the market are Garmin Vivosmart HR+, Fitbit Charge 2, and Misfit Ray.

Miniature Pacemakers

Miniature pacemakers are ten percent the size of regular pacemakers and especially designed to fit only one heart chamber. Medtronic’s Micra is the most popular leadless pacemaker these days. It reduces the risk of complication by almost 50 percent. This pacemaker has the battery span of around 12 years which is the same as regular pacemakers making Micra more convenient and effective.

Patient Centered Care

It is very costly for patients to be admitted in hospitals for longer durations of time. Owing to technology, patients can now live in their own comfortable environment and be monitored constantly. A lot of this has been made possible due to the IoT technology. Products like BodyGuardian Remote Monitoring System can be installed in patients’ homes where sensors record their vital stats. This information is regularly reviewed by nurses and doctors to make sure that patients are healthy and doing well.

Organ Perfusion Systems

Transmedic, Inc. is making waves in the healthcare industry because of its newly introduced organ transplant system. This is designed to give hearts that are being transplanted a warm blood perfusion which keeps the organ in a functioning state despite being out of the body. The company also designs products for lung, kidney and liver transplants. These functions are meant to provide proper oxygenation, physiological monitoring, pulsative flow and warming.

Patient Portals

IT has a major role in revolutionizing healthcare. Patient portals allow patients to view their health data regularly and to carry out administrative tasks when needed. These also allow individuals to get in touch with a caregiver directly via the internet if anything goes wrong. With these portals, people have actually started giving more attention to health issues.

The above mentioned tools have greatly revolutionized healthcare. The focus has shifted greatly towards patients to make healthcare more convenient for them.

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