Author: Jorge Hurtado


Micro/nanoplastics and the quest for sustainable practices in plastic-intensive industries

– Despite the current lack of regulatory oversight, companies have compelling reasons to proactively confront the...

What are the challenges facing autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs)?

– Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) integrated with AI engines are poised to revolutionize various sectors, but...

Towards carbon neutrality: The top 10 global carbon capture projects of 2023

– Access our detailed report that profiles each of the projects listed here in terms of...

Rapid prototyping: From proof of concept to accurate design

– Since its emergence in the late 1980s, rapid prototyping technology has sparked a paradigm shift...

Artificial intelligence in pharma: Enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving patient outcomes

– PreScouter recently organized a webinar that provided a comprehensive exploration of the transformative role of...

What are the latest automotive cybersecurity trends?

– Despite OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) implementing advanced IT cybersecurity measures intrinsically, 2022 saw a 380%...

Technology takes center stage at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar 

– Global sporting events have always been opportunities for technological innovation. The 2022 World Cup is...

Automated logistics: The future of freight

– New technologies are changing the way we transport things. With advances in autonomous control technologies,...

How digital twins are helping repurpose sustainability values across different sectors

– In 2019, the global digital twin market was valued at USD $3.8 billion. A great...

5G gives utilities and power producers a connectivity upgrade

– 5G (fifth generation) is the latest generation of cellular/wireless network technology that is already here...

6 innovative technologies that can fight the climate crisis

– Amid growing concern about the increasingly negative impacts of the climate crisis, innovative technologies need...

New turbine blade technologies help drive wind’s growth

– Theoretically, wind can generate enough electricity to power all of human civilization. In 2017, wind...

Chelated silver: An antibiotic with no signs of bacteria resistance

– PreScouter interviewed Dr. Odell Miner, president and founder of LaSal Laboratories, to learn about his...

What key technologies are advancing oil and gas drilling?

– Oil and gas (O&G) remains a booming industry that manages $1.7 trillion USD per year...

Will perovskite solar cells be the beacon of solar energy?

– Perovskite solar cells (PSCs) have risen in only nine years as the hottest next-generation photovoltaic...

The Internet of Plants: Building a network of cyberplants

– A fascinating side of the Internet of Things is that researchers are currently exploring how...

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