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Wearables and Predictive agents: Towards Better Behaving, Cognitive-offloaded Humans

– “A general “law of least effort” applies to cognitive […] exertion. The law asserts that...

Solar Deckchair with Phone Charger Created by User Entrepreneurs

– BB Energy Group, a Spanish innovation-based startup founded by user entrepreneurs, has created a solar...

Internet of Things – A Challenge of Imagination

– “Everything connected” is arguably the hottest topic in the technology world right now – even...

New GOTCHA Password System Uses Inkblots

– CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY, PA, USA. A group of scientists were able to develop a new...

Mobile Apps That May Help In Any Weight Loss Program

– NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY, ILLINOIS, USA. A very recent study showed that using a calorie-tracking app on...

MyVoice: The Sign Language Translator

– UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA. A prototype of a sign language translator that translates sign...

Using Video Games In Treating Lazy Eyes

– GLASGOW CALEDONIAN UNIVERSITY, GLASGOW, SCOTLAND. Video games have been thought to ruin a person’s vision....

Your Smart Phone just became smarter

– THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT DALLAS, TEXAS, USA. X-ray vision thrived in comic and sci-fi...

Lytro: Photography’s giant leap forward

– STANFORD UNIVERSITY, USA. A still camera technology that generates an image that can be refocused...

A camera that can see around corners

– MIT, USA. Ultra-fast camera can create images of hidden objects using scattered laser light. A...

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