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how ot works
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Through interviews and analysis, we’ll build enhanced profiles that answer your questions. We can even connect you to the interviewees.

quote It is much more cost-effective to have PreScouter provide the library research, literary research, or scientific informational research we need. Our staff's time should be spent making drugs. Dr. Daryl Sauer client

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PreScouter has worked with over 200 clients, ranging from small research firms to Fortune 100 companies.

quote PreScouter made us aware of 23 emerging technologies that we probably would not have become aware of [otherwise] Dr. Richard Demke client

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Our proven systems remove the stress of interviewing, selecting and managing talent to produce high quality results.

quote If you let them, they can come up with some pretty interesting concepts. It’s the network and the concepts that really give PreScouter good value for the money. Dr. Nate Miranda client

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Our clients value the unbiased insights and creative out-of the box thinking that our network of over 800 Scholars provide.

The latest innovations and insights, as highlighted by our Scholars.

01 SEP
user Pouya Tavousi

Simple Mathematics Law Used for Fraud Detection

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31 AUG
user Shinji Tutoru

Hot Chili Peppers: A Possible New Cure for Obesity


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Nutrigenomics: Eat According to your Genes

Nutrigenomics is the study that deals with the effects of specific nutrients on...

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