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Describe your questions.


Meet with your Scholar team a few times over a few weeks to review what they have found.


Make smarter decisions, based on the Scholars’ report.

What We Provide

Technology Landscapes

See the landscape of startups, researchers and technologies, as it relates to your problem area.

Competitive Intelligence

Assess the competitive threats that pose a risk to your current and future products.

Market Sizing

Let us compile an estimation of the size and potential of a market area, based on what is known about the area.


Gain perspective on where key technologies and markets are headed that could disrupt your business.

Market Analysis

Identify business opportunities among key market segments.

Technology Evaluation

Review our impartial assessment of candidate technologies to determine if they will fit your needs.

Startup Interviews

Gain non-public insights into a particular startup, researcher or technology, through exclusive interviews and analysis.

Technology Scouting

Find startups, researchers and technologies that address your specific technical challenge.

Business Plans

Make the business case for your next big project or product launch.

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

PreScouter creates tailored solutions for your specific challenge, procuring the information you need.

Why PreScouter?


Every project we complete is customized to the specific requirements of each client.

Cost Effective

Our solutions are cost-effective, comparative to deploying your own scientists and engineers to gather intelligence.

Brightest Minds

We staff each project with late-stage PhD candidates and recent PhD graduates from the top universities across the globe.

Save Time

Clients gain days worth of time they would otherwise have had to spend on intelligence gathering activities.

Managed Service

We’re skilled in selecting, managing and executing your project with the appropriate talent.

Diverse Network

We draw on a diverse network of PhD talent pool from across almost every discipline and part of the world.

We share your passion for innovation.

Learn about our mission, story and team.

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