Tag: Mobile Applications


Technological Advances in the Healthcare Sector

– The healthcare sector is advancing by leaps and bounds thanks to the latest technological developments....

Apps for Basic Health Issues

– It can take quite a while to book an appointment with a doctor for a...

IOT Persuasive Applications: Getting the Environment to Help in Achieving our Goals

– One of the most attractive applications for consumer IOT consists of creating a physical environment...

Technological Advances in Dementia Care

– Dementia is defined as a decline in an individual’s mental abilities such as memory, thinking...

Mobile Apps That May Help In Any Weight Loss Program

– NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY, ILLINOIS, USA. A very recent study showed that using a calorie-tracking app on...

Chirp Is the Next Twitter

– UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON, LONDON, UK. Chirp is an app that enables users to share contents...

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