Tag: Wearable Technology


How Wearables Will Improve Healthcare

– Millions of wearable devices for tracking activity and fitness levels have been sold in the...

Healthcare in a Patch: How can Wearable Biosensors Improve Life?

– You can boost your sports performance if you monitor your heart rate and your body chemistry....

Wireless Innovations in the Audio and Healthcare Industries

– Once upon a time, every electronic device had a wire or cord dangling from it....

Technological Advances in the Healthcare Sector

– The healthcare sector is advancing by leaps and bounds thanks to the latest technological developments....

Five Midwestern Companies in Healthcare Using IoT

– Many investors have taken a high interest in the Midwest ventures as they offer high-quality technology...

Avoiding Stumbles, from Spacewalks to Sidewalks

– Vibrating footwear could help astronauts and visually impaired earthlings skirt obstacles. Video of astronauts tripping...

The Advent of the Internet of Things- Are Manufacturers Ready?

– In order to understand the tide of change which is being brought by the Internet...

New Devices, Wearable System ِAim To Predict, Prevent Asthma Attacks

– Researchers have developed an integrated, wearable system that monitors a user’s environment, heart rate and...

Acquiring Dolphin Superpowers via IrukaTact Sonar Gloves

– UNIVERSITY OF TSUKUBA, JAPAN. A sonar glove called IrukaTact was developed to provide its wearers...

Upcoming Wearables: Google’s Smart Contact Lens that Measures Glucose Levels

– With all the wearable technology plugging into healthcare, Google surprises us again by announcing its...

Wearables and Predictive agents: Towards Better Behaving, Cognitive-offloaded Humans

– “A general “law of least effort” applies to cognitive […] exertion. The law asserts that...

IOT Persuasive Applications: Getting the Environment to Help in Achieving our Goals

– One of the most attractive applications for consumer IOT consists of creating a physical environment...

Re-Timer Will Help Get Rid Of Your Jet Lag And Insomnia

– FLINDERS UNIVERSITY, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA. Sleep researchers were able to create a modern device that...

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